Powerful 4 LED Torch

Darkness cannot rule out dark, only light can do that. M6 features ultra bright LED flash light, not just one but 4 LED bright lights to rule out darkness from your dictionary. Where ever you go, light follows you, so does M6. With M6's advanced flash beam, shooting in light differed areas is not at all a problem. M6's flash beam lets you shoot in the darkness without worrying about light!

Louder than Loudness

Louder than Loudness

M6 is proudly presented with a ultra crisp, speakers created just for loudness. Hear the one-in-million M6 burst speakers and feel the change. M6's speakers are louder than any of its competitors. The only phone with glass cracking loudness. Fitted with a unique-stylized grill, M6 is the perfect choice for an audiophile.

Ready Multimedia

M6 is a multimedia oriented phone which when bought is accompanied by FM Radio, Music Player, Video Player, Gallery, 1.3 MP Video Camera, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity and what more do you require? Check your facebook status, tweet as you walk, listen to FM and music, watch movies, take super clear photos and much more is what M6 have in store for you

Bigger Screen

2.6 inch, QVGA screen is bigger than you think. Watch movies, videos or pictures as you travel with this super crisp display. Wider, taller and clearer the screen, more you get addicted to this device. Using cutting-edge technology and handpicked engineering personalities, the dreams have come true as M6 came into existence.

M6 Key Specs

Full Specifications



Rear Facing