Click amazing Photographs and Cherish them Forever

Never miss a moment and create memories that last forever with the all new B50. Equipped with a high quality 1.3 MP Camera, you can click amazing photographs with crystal clear clarity and capture everything that delights!

Phone - cum - Power Bank

No interruptions From a low Battery

Now talk endlessly with friends, watch your videos or enjoy music for hours without those low battery interruptions. The Zen B50 comes with a 2000 mAh battery that lasts long and gives you a hassle free experience.

Store your Stuff Seamlessly

Photos, Videos, Movies, Music, Photos, Documents and more. Your phone now has the ideal space to accommodate it all. With a 16 GB expandable memory slot, you have the power to store your stuff seamlessly and carry everything in your pockets.

B 50 Key Specs

Full Specifications



Rear Facing